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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 8, Issue 22

Are you using CO2 ? What are your light levels?

I upped my CO2 and ferts to get rid of algae.  Search the archives for
algae/fertilizer/Tom Barr or just wait, you'll get lots of response here.


Pressurized CO2 on fast to keep pH down, with a DIY 2"PVC reactor w/ Bioballs following Hoftiezer's posts in aquabotanicwetthumb and lights are 3.2 - 4 watts/ gal , 2x55 and 2x65W 6500K compact florescents. (range is based on how one calculates volume of tank 3.2 - 75gal, 4= 75gal - gravel - 2 inches of air which gives 55 final of fluid)

If the tests are correct, NO2 killed your Oto and will kill all the
others if not dealt with quickly.  In my experience, Otos are *very*

Chuck H.

Yes the nitrite worries me that's why I keep changing 50% water each 5 days and I aged the tank 2.5 weeks before adding first fish. My cannister is a Renaissance Prime 30 (Hydor) with mostly foam and fine floss in it. Has a bit of peat to soften kH and 100 and 50 micron sheets to catch spores, which I no longer have any trouble with. Also has fluval biomax which I will eventually remove once nitrite is down to let plants have more. Has no charcoal. Filtration is about 5-6 tank volumes / hour which as I understand is what one wants.

If otos are the indicator fish then I may be approaching nitrite toxicity. as i said I found it on the day of my schedule water change so it died at the peak, nitrite level (or just before) my tank is getting.

I spoke to Tom and other very knowledgeable locals a few weeks back. He commented "Wow, rich substrate, why not just do soil, if that's what you are trying" Think Tom is very busy preparing to move, or more likely, I have overdrawn my credit at the knowledge bank by asking too many questions. :-)
Michael O. Skidmore Alameda CA
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