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[APD] Re: 7 gallon mini-bow

You may want to try a 10watt CF available at many Walmarts if the minibow 
takes screw in bulbs.  I use one in my coworker's Mini-bow 5 at work and it works 
quite well (without CO2).  The are in a blue box and are 6500K by 
lightsofamerica.  Some find them in the light section, but I find them hanging hidden 
behind the cheap junior heaters.  For a little more than $4.00 they are a 
wonderful bargain.  The box says:  Mini Fluorescent Aquarium Bulb 'color enhancing' 
"ideal for freshwater aquariums" and 'Natural 6500K daylight.' I love mine!  I 
even put two in an old incandescent screw in fixture for another tank.  

If you are really looking for high light it probably won't work for you, but 
you might want to at least try them before retrofitting.  
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