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Re: [APD] Re: All Choked up over Rubber Bands

And we breath what SUV's spit out so?
Id think that as you said fishing line is around forever it doesn't
"Disintegrate" thus doesn't give off amounts of toxins like let's say
Yes I do know about volcanization (and it has nothing to do with Star Trek)
, latex, complex synthetic rubber compounds and just about any other
chemical as it's one of my "Things I Do" items. Look rubberbands are pretty
basic latex, you want to see? OK, pick up a piece of tire rubber from the
fast lane of the freeway (don't worry, they'll stop for ya) put it next to a
rubberband of the same thinkness, after say a week in the sun the tire
rubber is still the same, the rubberband, cracking apart it's not volcanised
and they don't toss in a ton of chemicals that cost big bucks to save a
penny on it.
Look, rubberbands are a menace to society, kids get thir eyes shot out all
the time from them evil devices.
Stop the rubberbands before they kill us all, Mark
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> Maybe you're not using the nontoxic rubber bands.  What a
> tree produces and what it becomes when made into a rubber
> band aren't quite the same things.
> For a little light reading, I recommend _The Rubber
> Formulary_, by Peter A Ciullo and Norman Hewitt, Chem Tech
> Publishing.
> There are dyes and plasiticides in thread and nylon too.
> But good grief, it's just a rubber band. There are probably
> more "toxins" on the average unwashed hand that goes into
> an aquarium -- not to say that aquarist are an unclean lot.
> And a washed hand has lots of stuff left behind by the
> cleanser. The fragrance is a sign of that, but there's more
> than just fragrance.
> Anyway, it's jsut a rubber band ;-)
> But I do recommend enveloping any fish in liquid saps from
> any tree. It will choke them. ;-)
> Scott H.
> --- Mark & Peta <mbethke at socal_rr.com> wrote:
> > Disintegrate? did you know that latex is a product of a
> > tree and it's
> > produced by the tree to irritate any predators even as
> > much as choke some
> > ants, so knowing this do you want to irritate the gills
> > of your fish?
> > Go ahead and use rubberbands if you want but that's your
> > choice.
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