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Re: [APD] Re: All Choked up over Rubber Bands

Maybe you're not using the nontoxic rubber bands.  What a
tree produces and what it becomes when made into a rubber
band aren't quite the same things.

For a little light reading, I recommend _The Rubber
Formulary_, by Peter A Ciullo and Norman Hewitt, Chem Tech

There are dyes and plasiticides in thread and nylon too.

But good grief, it's just a rubber band. There are probably
more "toxins" on the average unwashed hand that goes into
an aquarium -- not to say that aquarist are an unclean lot.
And a washed hand has lots of stuff left behind by the
cleanser. The fragrance is a sign of that, but there's more
than just fragrance.

Anyway, it's jsut a rubber band ;-)

But I do recommend enveloping any fish in liquid saps from
any tree. It will choke them. ;-)

Scott H.

--- Mark & Peta <mbethke at socal_rr.com> wrote:
> Disintegrate? did you know that latex is a product of a
> tree and it's
> produced by the tree to irritate any predators even as
> much as choke some
> ants, so knowing this do you want to irritate the gills
> of your fish?
> Go ahead and use rubberbands if you want but that's your
> choice. 

S. Hieber
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