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[APD] Fulham Workhorse 7 Ballasts and 55 watt straight Pin PCs

Just for he record and FYI for you DIYer light folks:

Someone asked me today if a Fulham Workhorse 7 electronic
ballast can operate 4 55watt PCs. I checked with Fulham
and, while the ballast can properly operate 2 36watt PCs, 2
55watt PCs (straight pin) or 2 96 watt PCS, it cannot
operate 4 55 watt PCs. If you hooked up 4 55watt PCS, the
ballast would only provide about 400mA of arc current to
each bulb, much to low for these bulbs that require 550mA.
The bulbs might light but wouldn't be a s bright as they
should be and underdriving them would probably cause them
to fail prematurely. In fact, none of the Fulham ballasts
can provide 550mA to 4 bulbs. As Johnnie used to say, "I
didn't know that."

Scott H.

S. Hieber
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