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[APD] Re: Why do they sell terrestrial plants for in tank use?

>    1. Why do they sell terrestrial plants for in tank use? (Mark & Peta)
> Greetings , I would like to know what you all think about "regular" house
> plants like Hemigraphus colorata which is a terrestrial plant? They last
> about a week before their leaves rot off. I know that several of you have
> some of these normally Terrestrial plants that do well but it's sort of
> keeping the pet dog in the pool isn't it?

The short answer to your question is "because people keep buying them".
There are many plants which are strictly terresterial in growth habit,
others which are purely aquatic. Then there are others which stradle the
fence - growing both on land and in the water. Sometimes they come from
places which are seasonally flooded and have evolved to be able to tolerate
either condition. In many cases, the growth habit changes to match how much
water is available.

But I believe you are really asking about those perennial sellers at bad pet
stores and discount outlets which really aren't even semi-aquatic - they are
destined to drown and rot if placed in an aquarium. The problem here is
ignorance, on the part of the dealer and the customer. There really is no
excuse for the dealer - they ought to know better. If you are shopping in a
store trying to sell terresterial plants for use in an aquarium (as opposed
to a terrarium), ask the clerk/manager why they are selling something that
is sure to die. If you don't get a good answer, take your business

>From the hobbyist's point of view, there are more than enough good books and
websites available today which have detailed listings of aquatic plants
which are suitable for aquariums, and if you aren't sure of a plant's needs,
you really ought to check first, before you buy. I've been at this a long
time, but I still take a few books with me when I go visit my favourite
stores, just in case they have something in stock that I haven't come across

Once dealers understand that their customers want true aquatics, they will
hopefully stop carrying the non-aquatics, or at least label them as such.

James Purchase

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