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[APD] Micro plant tank ideas?

I haven't had an aquarium for a while because I dont really have room in
my current apartment. I was thinking of setting up a micro planted tank on
my windowsill. I was thinking of using an all-glass mini-bow 2.5. I like
that tank because its acrylic with no seams.

For plants I was thinking maybe a carpet of riccia (too hard in a small
tank?) or micro sword grass with one or two larger (but small) plants like
maybe an Anubias Nana and a small Sword.

For animals I was thinking a couple of shrimp (Amano or maybe Red Cherry),
and one fish. I'm wondering what the fish should be. I'm not a big betta
fan although they seem an obvious choice. Anyone have experience with
Dwarf Puffers? Can one be kept in such a small tank?

I'd also love to hear about anyone's experience with really small planted


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