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Re: [APD] Micro plant tank ideas?

White Cloouds, which appreciate the slightly cooler temps
of a tank without an electric heater are a good choice.
They are small enough for a very small tank and very
peaceful. You could easily put several in 2.5g tank. There
are some hybrids around so there is some choice on color
also. Cherry shrimp would be an attractive addition, imo
and despite their small size would go well with small
peaceful fish.

Scott H.
--- Jason Verch <verch at panix_com> wrote:
> I haven't had an aquarium for a while because I dont
> really have room in
> my current apartment. I was thinking of setting up a
> micro planted tank on
> my windowsill. I was thinking of using an all-glass
> mini-bow 2.5. 

S. Hieber

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