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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 6, Issue 61

> Has anyone put any discus (Kings of the Aquarium Fish) in their planted
> tanks.  I was thinking about getting some. I figure it would be a good
> since the fish need me to do water changes quite often and so do the
> they should be very happy together.  When I mentioned this to a friend he
> said my plants couldn't handle the higher temps and the fish would eat the
> plants too.

The temps that plants can handle generally are higher than fish can handle.
Most all plants except a very few can handle the temps.
I kept my fish around 82-84F, this is fine for both fish and plants.They
will spawn at theses temps. Some insist on 86F but it's only 2-4 degrees,
this is not going to cause much issue either way. They are cichlids from a
highly varaible environment with huge water levels changes/flows etc, it
does not seem like breeding and maxmum brood are your goals, so keep the
temp at 82-84F and keep the plant parameters in good shape and the fish
will fine unless you have very hard water 
 Discus do NOT eat plants. Someone may have confused their cichlids. 

 I have some Crypts, Anubias, Some variety of Val, Java Fern,and
> some little Wonder bulbs my wife bought(Undulatis something or other). 
> anyone have an opinion on this one..
> Thanks Matt W.

Most will do just fine.
Main thing is to have enough room for them, moderate to soft water, feed
them a varied diet of good food. 
But this is what most fish want anyway.......so there are really not a
great deal of "special needs" IME /IMO. 
All fish like the large weekly water changes.  

Tom Barr

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