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[APD] zeolite NO3 adsorption


Have you checked into zeolite (or zeolyte) as a possible absorptive (or adsorptive) material for the substrate? It was recommended
to me by an hydroponics guru at the local hydroponics outlet when I was describing my clay ball + ammonium nitrate experiment.

I tried some Urea in clay balls recently but got low levels of ammonia in the aquarium water after a couple of weeks. I think I will
run a series of experiments in jars. You have to be really careful to ensure that the clay ball interior with the fertilizer is well
sealed from the exterior.

For reference <http://mineral.galleries.com/minerals/silicate/zeolites.htm>

There are a TON of Internet references to zeolite. One of the more fascinating applications is as a feed additive for domestic


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