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[APD] Lighting a bowfront

Hi Rachel,
I have the same tank and the same lights (thanks to
Scott H. for alerting me to this post). Recently I've
been trying to solve the same problem. I considered
buying the "legs" that go with my JBJ unit, but am
trying something else first. I have always had the
unit on the back half of the tank, on a folding glass
canopy. I like it that way because I can fold up the
front half for easy access to the tank. What I am
trying, and you may want to also, is to prop up the
front of the lighting so that it doesn't aim straight
down, it aims a tiny bit more towards the front.
Triangular pieces of something would be good, (I'm
using some strange fishing paraphenalia I found in the
basement to do the job, although I'm not sure what
they are).

hope that helps, and keep us posted (or at least me)
PS I had a dream last night that there was a poisonous
snake in my tank, and it was eating all the fish!
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