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[APD] Some references on Photorespiration, aquatic evolution etc

Photosynthesis and Photorespiration in Freshwater Organisms: Amphibious
Plants. Maberly and Spence 1989, Aquatic Botany, 34 (1989) 267-286 

The Number and Kinds of Embyo-bearing Plants Which Have Become Aquatic: a
Survey. Cook 1999, Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and
Systematics, Vol2/1, pp 79-102.

Competition and Allelopathy in Aquatic Plant Communities,, A Review of
current literature, Gopal and Goel, The Botantical Review Vol.59, 1993,
No.# 156-193.

A Mechanism to Account for Macrophyte Decline in Progressively
Eutrophicated Freshwaters. 1978. Phillips et al. Aquatic Botany 1978, 4,
Note, this paper has been cited close to 275 times but has many things
lacking and many unanswered/unresolved questions. Be careful when you read
these papers.

Photosynthesis and Photorespiration in Freshwater Emergent and Floating
plants, Longstreth D., Aquatic Botany, 34 (1989) 287-299.

Competition Between Hydrilla verticillata and Vallisenaria americana as
Influenced by Soil Fertility, Van, Wheeler and Center, Aquatic Botany 62
(1999) 225-233.

Be careful when reading about algae and plants that it's about epiphytic
algae that is attached to plants, this is the stuff that bugs aquarist,
green water/phytoplankton is a relatively easily resolved issue. Both algae
and Plants both "prefer" CO2 over HCO3 and to fully saturate the CO2
requirements for aquatic plants, around 30ppm is needed based off the
literature from Bowes which is about 2x what was recommened prior(15ppm was
the older accepted hobbyist level) to me suggesting 20-30ppm range. 

Tom Barr


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