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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 6, Issue 41

When I first started having the algae problems, the levels were quite high. I thought the algae was feed ing off the excess nitrates and phosphates, so I thought I would try to starve the algae. Would it be a good Idead to remove the Phosguard and De nitrate from my filter?
If so, what would be beneficial to replace it with?
I used to use peat in there, because it is recommended for Apistos.
Thanks for the help.

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Why are you trying to filter out the nitrates and
phosphate? Are the levels so high that you need to do this.
You could be starving your plants. Algae just loves when
that happens. Plants need some nitrate and phosphate and
potassium as macro nutrients as well as the trace element

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