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Re: [APD] Re: Filtering out Nitrates & Phosphates -- fading plants, flourishing algae

--- jason cohen <jakeowen at optonline_net> wrote:
> When I first started having the algae problems, the
> levels were quite 
> high. I thought the algae was feed ing off the excess
> nitrates  and 
> phosphates, so I thought I would try to starve the algae.

You can't starve away algae; your plants will starve. Grow
healthy plants, keep things in balance, and the algae probs
will fade.

> Would it be a 
> good Idead to remove the Phosguard and De nitrate  from
> my filter?
I would. I'd measure the nitrates and phosphates with a
good kit, Hach or Lamotte and if teh they are too high, I'd
use water changes to bring them them to down to about 5 ppm
an 0.5 pp respectively. And I'd use water changes to keep
them from getting too high. After you measure a few times
and after a few weeks of water changes, you'll have a good
idea of how much water to change and how often. A 50% water
change will cut the levels in half. How fast they rise
again depends on dosing levels, fish feeding/fish load, and
how much your plants are taking in. If, they are too low,
I'd dose both items to bring them up to those levels.

And, as always, clean up what algae you can. Staying of top
of it will keep you from feeling like you're buried in it

> If so, what would be beneficial to replace it with?
> I used to use peat in there, because it is recommended
> for Apistos.

Plants make good chemical filters. Sponges, floss, etc,
make good mechanical filters -- so does vacuuming with a

If you want to add peat to the system to acidify the water
for apistos, go ahead. But bring the nitrates and
phosphates up to levels that will feed the plants.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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