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[APD] Re: grey slime


"The grey slime problem I had before lurked its
ugly head up for one day and then disappeared. The
only different things that could have caused it
was a lazy python in and python out water change
which I have not done in a very long time"

I think that may be the problem right there.  In the
past I've been very lazy about water changes.  I think
that it may feed off of something that builds up in
the water.  Either that or it gets a foothold when a
big change occurs in the tank.  From now on, I will
change at least 50% of the water every week.  

"I am thinking it
could have been kicked off by the untreated water
in my waterchange?"  

Is it tap water?  Or from a well?  Lots of nutrients,
etc in the water?  I'm not sure what you mean.  I
don't think that any spores can come in with tap
water.  If I knew what it was, I might be able to give
you a better answer.  I'm still betting on a

I was talking to someone who said he killed it with
something called oxolinic acid (an antibiotic).  Never
tried that myself and I wouldn't know where to get it.


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