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[APD] RE: Tom Barr's Method

To Tom and all the great plant people,
  I been reading all your posting about dry dosing fertilizers and I have a
few questions.  I bought the fertilizers and I've begun to dose a few of my
tanks. My first question may be stupid, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

1. Do you mix the dry fertilizer with water before you put it in the tank?
I just sprinkled it in last night and noticed that the fish tried to eat it
- most likely not a good thing.

2. For non-CO2 tanks with about 2watts per gallon do you recommend the same
doses of fertilizers but with less frequency?  For example I've seen you
recommend for a 20 gallon high CO2 tank: 1/4 tsp of KNO3, 1/4 tsp of K2SO4,
2 rice grain's worth of KH2PO4 and 5ml of trace dosed 2-3 times a week and
50% weekly water changes.  For a non-CO2 tank would you just dose this same
amount once a week or dose smaller amounts 2-3 times a week?

3. Have you or anyone else found these high level of fertilizers to be
harmful to any types of shrimp?  It appears so far that they are safe for
Amano shrimp, but I'm wondering more about the "pretty" shrimps - cherry
reds, bumble bee shrimp, rudolph red nosed shrimp, rainbow shrimp, etc.

4. If you can only do a water change every 2 weeks how would you alter the
dosing?  I have 9 aquariums and I simply cannot keep up with weekly water

Thank you very much for all you help and advice.  I always enjoy reading
your posts.

Sherry Quinn

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