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[APD] Accuracy of lower priced pH test kits: Hagen vs. Tetra

Hi everyone,
I usually keep a pH test kit on hand to use to compare to the readings on my
controllers (3 of them) to help in deciding when to calibrate.

I have a Hagen pH test kit about 6 months old and bought a Tetra pH test kit
to compare the two.

Anyways, the two kits gave me some very different readings, as much as .5-.6
units of pH for each tank (3 of them) by my eye. I know there can be some
human error in discerning between the subtle shades of yellow to green to
blue these kits give, but I've been doing this a while. I bought the Hagen
kit because there were no Tetra kits at the store when I needed one. I have
always used Tetra kits for GH and KH and like them very much.

I really couldn't use my controller readings to help decide which test kit
was better because they all needed calibration.

So what are folk's opinions between these two, assuming age of the reagents
is not a factor?



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