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[APD] Re: Blue shrimp-Look just like Amanos

Dave wrote:

My LFS just got in some "Blue Shrimp." These are the same size as adult
Amanos. They look very similar. They do not have large pincers. They are
also not Wood Shrimp that we see sometimes. Their appendages look like those
of Amano Shrimp. I wouldn't mind trying some, but have no experience with
them. I'd only be worried about predation on the Amanos, etc.

For all intents, the look just like a blue Amano.

Anyone have any experience with these?

I have three of them right now. They are your run-of-the-mill algae-eating shrimp - not as effective as Amano shrimp, and not nearly as hardy, either. I guess they are very similar to cherry red shrimp in these respects. I'm presently keeping them in a 2.5-gallon tank with five tiger shrimp and three or four Malaysian rainbow shrimp, plus an Amano shrimp I have "under observation." BTW, I wouldn't suggest putting multiple species of Neocaridina shrimp together like this because of their potential to cross-breed. This is not a problem for me... Meaning, mine never successfully breed :-(.

I haven't observed any type of aggression, even between the diminutive rainbow shrimp and the larger blue shrimp. I put two guppy fry in the tank to do something about the copepods and none of the shrimp even looked at them. After having the blue shrimp for a couple of weeks (and two of them miraculously recovering after knocking on Death's door - LONG story) their colors have changed considerably. One of them is almost a "smoky" darkish blue, while another has taken on something like a dark purple. The third (and largest) looks a lot like a Malayan shrimp, with a distinct tan stripe down its back and white tips on the tips of its tail. Their colors intensify even more when you do a water change. Some of the blue shrimp I've seen appear to have these reddish-orange things inside of their carapace. I'm not sure what it is. Two of mine have this.

I have a couple of full-grown female Amano shrimp that are gargantuan. I don't imagine the blue shrimp ever quite reaching this size, but maybe more like a full-grown male Amano shrimp. Heck, I have an odd-surviving cherry red shrimp that's about that size, too.

If you are able to keep cherry red shrimp without problems, the blues should be fine.


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