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Re: [APD] Need light recommendations

The new High Output T5s are not very diff from PCs,
especially the 55 watt PCs, which are essentially T5s
except bent into a biaxial shape. Or to look at it another
way, the T5s are PCs that are straight.

MH bulbs usually are not less energy efficient than
fluorescents, even PCs and T5s, so watt for watt, you will
get abut the ame amount of heat -- However, it tends to be
concentrated in a smaller area with MH bulbs.

If I was trying to choose between T5s and PCs, I'd compare
prices for comparable coverage and wattage.

You can fit enough T5s or PCs over most common size
aquariums to get all the light you need to for a lush
planted tank. You might not want all the light that you get
from all the bulbs you can physically fit over the tank.
ONce you hit 3 or 4 watts per gallon with T5s or PCs,
you're reaching into the high end of lighting levels.
LIghting form the fluorescent tubes will be more spread out
than from MH bulbs, but also much more diffuse, and won't
yield that sparkle in rippling watter that MHs can give.

There are also T12 VHO (very high output) bulbs, but for my
money the newer designs (PCs and T5S) are more versatile
and more economical in the long run.

Hope that helps a little,
Scott H.
--- Donald <donalddavis at mac_com> wrote:
> Currently I have 425 to 500W per 120 gallon tank using
> metal halide 
> pendants.  I am about to move, and when I reset
> everything, I do not 
> want to use pendants any longer due to heat .  I am
> considering PCs but 
> I was approached about doing T5s.  Any recommendations
> from others on 
> this subject?  Will T5s give me what I need to support a
> heavily 
> planted 120 (4x2x2) tank.  If so, how many do you
> recommend per tank?  
> Would PCs be a better purchase for such a large tank?  Is
> there another 
> type of lighting that I am missing, but is highly
> recommended?

S. Hieber

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