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[APD] Suggestions for a Dwarf Cichlid tank

I've got a 29g tank just waiting for a use.  I've decided to try a Dwarf 
Cichlid set up but am wondering on configuration.  Now I know you all are 
saying, "why waste a perfectly good aquarium on fish?"  I would like to keep 
a few plants as well, but mostly a rock set up with plenty of caves.  My 
question is, what kind of substrate, sand or gravel, any flourite?  What 
kinds of plants?  Can I get by with a single 55w light?  My planted 29g has 
110w and it's just a bit on the bright side.  I've heard Cichlids don't like 
a lot of light, I'm just wondering if 55w would be enough for a few plants.  
Any suggestions would be great.  Thanks!

Kristian Anderson

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