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[APD] Authors and Admirers of Out-Of-Print Books

The Blackburn Press is dedicated to keeping in print and available for
purchase book titles which other publishers have lost interest in and have
declared "out of print". See www.blackburnpress.com for a flavor of our
publishing activities.

We are especially interested in titles in science and technology, and much
of what we publish finds upper-level textbook and reference use. If you are
an author whose book is out of print, or if you are aware of an undeservedly
out-of-print book which has value and should be returned to print, we'd like
to hear from you.

Our primary focus is out-of-print titles, but we are also interested in
reviewing proposals for new book projects and journals.

Please contact:

Frances Reed
The Blackburn Press
freed at blackburnpress_com
973-228-7276 (fax)
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