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Re: [APD] powerhead recommendation for co2 reactor

If you're going to use a Python gravel vac tube as the
reactor chamber, open at the bottom, the easiest thing is
to connect a water output to the top. You can insert the
CO2 by having the CO2 line enter the Python at the bottom.
YOu can strap the CO2 line to the Python with some plactic
ties used for bundling wire. Or you can use some rigid
airline tubing bent into a J shape (warm briefly over a
small flame, bend and hold in position until it cools.

I'll send you a pic.

Yes this pic is very similar to the others I have found forcing the water from the powerhead or pump into the top of the python with the co2 line towards the bottom. I saw this type on George Booth's site amongst others.

With the water going in at the top, the CO2 cannot escape
except to be absrobed into the water or, less desirable,
forced out by too strong a water flow.

That is the reason I ask about the pump size I did not want to have too much flow and force the bubbles out of the tube before they could dissolve.

You coul dTee off the HOB filter output if the output is
via a tube and adjust the water flow with a ball valve so
that it's just enough to not let the CO2 collect more and
more in the Python. Using a tee will probably give you an
okay water flow without the valve.

The bottle top set up would work better on an output for
the smae reason that the Python works better that way --
the CO2 cannot escape unless it's absrobed.

Glitch here is the hob filters I have are overflow return types, so there is no return tube to t off of and it would be hard as far as I can tell to rig up a co2 containment bottle in the output of the filters. These are whisper hob filters that I purchased when I thought aquariums were for fish... before the planted tank addiction kicked in :)

I followed the link in the email to the external reactor, I had found this referenced before in the ADP archives but since I don't have a canister filter or a return tube to tap I did not see any way to do it as an external reactor.

Would I be better off to buy a small canister filter just for this purpose? I am trying to keep the cost as low as possible and work with what I have for the most part. (Hence some of my hairbrain ideas.) In the remote future I would like to set up a sump system, then I could just feed the co2 into the sump from what I have read. I don't see it happening anytime soon due to income.

Thank you,

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