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Re: [APD] powerhead recommendation for co2 reactor

You don't have to have a canister to drive an external
reactor. You can use any water source that allows you to
tap into it. For example a small powerhead will work.
although the powerhead would be in the aquarium, you coud
route the water flow to the external reactor and then back
into the aquarium. this way, at least the reactor would be
outside the aquarium.

Rios are not especially hard to attach tubing to. same for
the Maxi-jets and the new Pentair Quiet Ones. A quiet One
model 800 should work very well -- it has a dial to control
the rate of flow. The Rios also have a flow control.

Scott H.
--- "Candy M." <cry_little_sister at hotmail_com> wrote:
> . . . I followed the link in the email to the external 
>  reactor,
> I had found this 
> referenced before in the ADP archives but since I don't
> have a canister 
> filter or a return tube to tap I did not see any way to
> do it as an external 
> reactor.
> Would I be better off to buy a small canister filter just
> for this purpose? 

S. Hieber

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