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[APD] Re:fungus, algae or what?

I had read in the archives about the white fungus growths on wood, but this is grey/black not white so I was not sure.

Just to concur with Scott, that it is a fungus and that it will go away on its own once it has used >up its present food source. It was not necessarily the Christmas moss that carried it in the tank so >there is no need to bleach this. The fungus may already have been in the wood before you put it >in the tank digesting the available organics. From the pictures there was not much left otherwise >you might have had a much thicker growth (as I have had), or worse, a bacterial bloom in the >tank because of leached soluble organics.
Even if snails and ottos eat it, it will only stop growing once its food source has been depleted. It >won't effect the plants. Just look bad for a few days or weeks at most. Fungi are like bacteria >always present in all tanks. They only become visible when there is a concentration of food. They >are _usually_ rather helpful.



Thing is its only one the one piece of wood and as stated the other piece are cut from the same larger piece and don't have this growth on them. It seemed to me that if it were related to organics in the wood itself all pieces of it would be affected since they were all originally one piece and I cut it into smaller pieces.

As far as the growth it is spreading out and doubling now every 24 hours.

In regards to the question of snails in the tank, no I did not have snails in it. I did today purchase an apple snail (since one wont breed) and added it to the tank. The reason I had not kept any before is they don't really do well in acidic low gh tanks and this particular tank is setup as a low gh (5-6ish) tank for neons.

I do however have another tank that is setup with "city water" that has a out of faucet gh of around 300ppm (liquid rock) and I figure I can rotate 2 snails back and forth between the two tanks and their shells not suffer as much.

There are ottos in the tank, they wont touch it, neither do the ghost shrimp. I have not been able to locate SAE's.

I have not taken pics today yet but it has doubled since yesterday so I have put the wood into a 1/2 gallon plastic "critter" tank and am floating it in the main tank. Call me paranoid :)

Thank you all for the replies

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