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Re: [APD] Re:fungus, algae or what?

I have noticed on several occasions in my tanks and in
others' that new driftwood will sometimes develop a white
haze that looks for all the world like fungus. Doing
nothing about it, it's always gone away after a few days or
a couple of weeks at most.

Scott H.
--- Paul Krombholz <krombhol at teclink_net> wrote:
> It looks like a fungus to me.  If you had snails, I would
> think that 
> they would eat it.  Are there snails in your tank, 
> Candy? 
> If it does turn out to be an alga, Christmas moss should
> be able to 
> survive two minutes in 5% liquid bleach.  I know that
> Java moss does, 
> and I am assuming that Christmas moss is the same. 

S. Hieber

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