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[APD] Alternative substrate heating idea

I wanted to get some imput on a substrate heating idea based loosely on a Karen Randall design; using a u.g. filter plate covered in a nylon to prevent substrate particle loss, I would have a chamber added to one lift tube large enough to house a submersable heater, the top of the tube would have the outflow hose from my canister filter fed into it creating a downward flow into the u.g. plate. the oposite end would have a small powerhead on the lift tube creating "lift" which sould cause the warm water to flow under the plate and back into the aquarium- the powerhead would be about half way to the surface and would not have the venturi added, so it wouldn't create too much surface disruption, only a bit of movement in the water itself. Don't know if this will work...let me know what ya'all think.

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