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[APD] Re: no3 test kits

I use the Hagen NO3 kit, seems to be very consistent.

I think the company takes a lot of care with the kits. Two years back I
found a problem with their PO4 kit (it aged early) and sent them a note that
the kit stopped working before the exp. date.  They responded in a day,
asked me to courier them the kit (using their courier account), sent me two
replacement kits and 6 months later they changed one of the bottles from
plastic to glass (the chemical inside reacted with the plastic over time).
I was so used to companies that don't care, it blew me away at the time.

But kits themselves seem well made, droppers are good and bottles run out at
the same time. You can repeat the test and get the same results etc. The
iron kit works, but if you have lots of plants like I do it always shows up
nil or close to (master grow fert is the only iron fert I do). You can test
the kit if you want by adding a little iron fert to the water you are
testing and it will turn bright blue.


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