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[APD] Re: Kiddie Pools

I have used many different kinds of plastic garbage cans, over many, many years. I have never observed a problem (other than leakage from a cheap Rubbermaid) with any of them.

All true plastics usually include some plasticizers, and they do get into the water over a *very* long period of exposure. For that reason, I may favor "food grade" tanks for long-term water storage, but am not too fanatical about it.

Of course, I have been known to take a drink from the hose, too. ;-)


A lot of the rubbermaid tubs and garbage cans are actually FDA approved for use with food stuffs. I know the large commercial rubbermaid garbage cans with the wheeled dollys they sell for them make *excellent* water mixing and moving tanks and are reasonably cheap. I would stay away from the RED plastic containers though. Browsing through any of my plastics catalogs I find that in almost every case, all the colors of a given plastic container will be FDA approved EXCEPT FOR THE RED ONES. There is probably something toxic about the red pigment they use to color the plastic. I usually just use the white tubs and buckets myself simply because it is easier to see stuff you put in those.


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