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[APD] Re: no3 test kits.

--- "Scott R.H." <irons_21 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> So I found a Hagen no3 test kit at a LFS going out of
> business.  I know most no3 kits are frowned apon for
> their inaccuracy.  The kit tested around where I
> suspected my water was at.  What is the general
> feeling on this kit?  I also picked up the Hagen iron
> kit.  Which test for chealted and free.  Both came up
> 0.  I only go that one because it was 50% off.  What
> are the thoughts on that kit as well?

I have myself had good luck with the Lamotte NO3 test kit although I think it is a bit difficult to read (I like the titration-type tests better but haven't seen a NO3 test set up that way). I bought that kit because none of the usual kits sold at LFSes were capable of reliable measurements IMHO. If you can compare your Hagen kit to a good reference you should be able to use it, but it may degrade over time. One of the best advantages to the higher-priced Hach and Lamotte kits is that they seperate the reagents so that the kits tend to be more reliable over time, and you can get reagent refills for them for a lot less money than a new kit.

For iron you need to be able to read low levels which some kits can't really do all that well. The Seachem test works and is inexpensive, and it comes with a reference solution for testing. If you don't trust your test kit for iron just get a new one and be safe.


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