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[APD] RE: K+/Ca notions

>From: "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
>But perhaps the effect of high Ca is less pronounced than with the reverse,
>high K+ and low Ca.

I think so.

>So far the plants seem fine. But I'll give it 3 weeks for the high K+ test.
>I'm not certain that's lobng enough but generally for Traces it often is.
K is not a trace element

>> Another point: please stop GENERALIZING about "effects on plants." Plants
>> are not all the same. At least this thread has tried to differentiate
>> between soft and hard water aquariums...and talked about effects on
>> and a few other specific plants. This is something rare to the history of
>> the APD. 
>Then I can say with more confidence what is NOT going on at least. 
>> Neil Frank
>> Although I like to think of myself as a generalist, I hate to generalize.
>I know:)

Might as well report ALL your water parameters, lighting, the complete
community and quantity of plants, and the amount of all fertilizers you
used during your experiment, etc. When you describe those high K+ results,
I dont want you to make any generalizations. <g>

Neil Frank
PS. I was only generally talking about generalizing, referring to posting
in general and not specifically referring to General Tom.... who, by the
way, has posted more than 50 times to the APD in January 04. What is the
APD record for a month?
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