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[APD] RE: K+/Ca notions

> >From: "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
> >Much of what I've read suggests Mg deficiency and some do not mention
> >anything about Ca++ inhibition at high levels from high K+.
> >
> ....... 
> >Excessive calcium can inhibit Magnesium uptake.
> ......
> >Magnesium, manganese, and calcium deficiencies become more pronounced
> excess K. 
> >
> OK, which is it?

You pick your poison. It's a general thing that if you add ENOUGH and I
think based on the concentrations I've read, it takes a lot of K+ to do
these types of things.
But it's a two way street is my point on a few of these hypothesis.
Excess K+ can also block Boron. High Ca++ can block K+, I've never seen
this and I was certainly a candidate with Ca++ levels at 400ppm.
Mg can block Ca uptake also.
But perhaps the effect of high Ca is less pronounced than with the reverse,
high K+ and low Ca.

So far the plants seem fine. But I'll give it 3 weeks for the high K+ test.
I'm not certain that's lobng enough but generally for Traces it often is.

> Another point: please stop GENERALIZING about "effects on plants." Plants
> are not all the same. At least this thread has tried to differentiate
> between soft and hard water aquariums...and talked about effects on
> and a few other specific plants. This is something rare to the history of
> the APD. 

I've heard only for a few species, 3 to be exact, folks in Spain seem to
have other issues going on that are more general.
I'm trying to see if I can reproduce these effects right now rather than
simply banthering on.

Perhaps some APD limitation and more investigation will answer the
questions I have. 
Then I can say with more confidence what is NOT going on at least. 

> Neil Frank
> Although I like to think of myself as a generalist, I hate to generalize.

I know:)

Tom Barr

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