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[APD] Re: light intensity issues

As a beginner, I would much rather be told to go for a slower-growth tank, rather than (possibly) spend hundreds of pounds extra, and then find out I need to prune every two weeks or less (shock horror!), when I could get just as good a tank nice and slowly at my own speed. Experts can do what they want anyway, because they are experienced people and so should understand the logic behind the advice and be prepared to accept the consequences of ignoring it (high growth), because they want to and are experienced enough to do it.

I'm not even sure I could cope with weekly 50% water changes, and those are helpful (although twenty thousand people will say not need) for higher-growth heavyily fertilised tanks. Or I could be wrong, again as a beginner I just need to told helpful, easy advice! Tom Barr has been extremely helpful with that, so he can count me a follower.

It seems the problem is no longer that people have difficulty growing plants, but that they can grow plants too easily. What about in twenty years time, when super CJ3KD4EIT4 additives make our plants grow so fast that you can't leave them overnight without going out of control? As long as my plants (to be) grow as fast or nearly as fast as my fish, and look just as good or nearly as good (I'd prefer natural-looking growth, as well), then I'd be happy. I'm a beginner, debate high/low light, high/low CO2, high/low ferts and I'll just get confused. Just tell me what I need to know! Nice and slowly does it.

Also remember it will take me MUCH longer to prune or change water than most people. I can spend an hour just changing 50% of the water in my 6g goldfish tank. That's only half a 20 litre bucket load (it would take me less time if I had more than one bucket though).

Andrew McLeod
thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk

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