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[APD] RE: squawking

> From: "Vic Di Cosola" <clutch24 at adelphia_net>
> Subject: [APD] RE: Gloss must have high light? Or: Are you nuts?
> 	No...but	PLEASE refrain from Insults Tom!
> To: <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> Well I guess I'm the one that "SQUAWKED" here and I'm NOT "NUTS as well

Whoa, I'm a joking here Vic. That I promise. I'm not calling you personally
nuts, I know nuts because I am one.


I asked: if there was a plant that could not be grown with 2-2.5w/gal of
light, if so tell me.
A question like that is pure bait:) 

Kind of thought we had a repoire

Heck, I'm joking.Sorry if you took it seriously, I sure did not mean it in
any way to come across quite like that. 
I hum belly apologize.I tend to come across serious about the plants, but I
am not even close to that way with people. I like people a lot. 

> I told you what has been working for me PERIOD. If you do not like what
> read from me, or you think I'm full of it, that's fine....

No, far from it. I enjoy reading your post. 
My baiting of someone for this common misconception is to point out that it
is not needed, perhaps for you and your routine right now/or forever from
now on, but it is not mandatory to use high light in order to have a nice
Gloss field nor maintain the field. It' takes a little more patience, but
it's certainly easier to maintain.
My baiting is not to haul off with attitude or anything at all personal,
never is/was/will be. I ain't that way. It's about _the issue of can the
plant be grown at lower light and if so why_. It's about the issue, not
about the person, and certainly not a personal attack,
attitude/vibe/mojo/hoodoo/trip. I am sorry if I came across that way.

>I do NOT need to
> look at any other Glosso tanks, you can see mine posted at a few forums.
> What works for me has been exhausted by trial and error over the last
> several.  I have a GOOD balance thus far and ONLY report what has worked
> me, as do you with your tanks!

I think I rubbed your fur the wrong way, I apologize.
As far as the serious part, which I really am not, I know it does not need
high light to look great.
Folks said that it could not be done here and many other places/forums, I
said it could be.
It's not just me, many old timers know this also. They squawk about it also.

Less light cost less, less electric, slower more manageable growth(some
folks want as fast as possible), less bulb cost, easier, lighter light
fixtures, slower algae growth, most love to hear that one. 

This makes for a good deal for the new person and for the seasoned vet
tired of pruning so much but still wanting a nice choice of weeds to work
with. Easier to deal with over all. There are a large number of folks
seeking just that.

While, I have shown many a folk how to work on a high light tank, ...I
think it's __just__ as import to show low light/CO2 and non CO2 methods.
These really do work nicely also. I am not disagreeing with you, saying
your method is wrong in anyway, for your tank and your goal, you took that
upon yourself. Still, I am sorry for offending you here.
None of that matters if folks take something personally, heck, it's just

> <<<I like enough to make one thick layer without piling up.
> Anyone that wants to claim that Gloss is a high light plant should take a
> look at SFBAAPS and see Jeff's and Steve's old tanks.
> I grew it fine at 2w/gal NO FL's.
> I've even had it grow pretty good in a NON CO2 tank. Hairgrass too.

> Once again, it's ALL a matter of taste....I could CARE LESS what someone
> thinks of my tank, I and my family just love my Glosso tank that piles up
> one another.  

Certainly, many folks like a dense layer, but again, less light simply
grows slower without wasting electricity. 
I was not capping on your opinions or tanks or what your family wants. Not
sure how that got in there.
I'm just glad you keep plants, any plants AND you have family approval(ah a
_very_ good thing!) :)
I have my personal opinions and I stated what _I like_ in a Gloss field. I
want a very low cover so I can use more height with other plants for
contrast. This looks great with Riccia stones and the lower growing Gloss
as a base.
Your goal is a thick rug O Gloss.  

> Sure I can grow a single layer with the best of them, but for
> now, my taste calls for thick carpet.  As for your claims you have grown
> Glosso in a NON C02 tank....WoW, I'd be surprised if it even grew "pretty"
> well.

I'll post pics when the tanks are ready. Non CO2= more patience. They are
coming along pretty good right now. 
I like Hemianthus/Micrantherum better for non CO2 foregrounds, I'll post a
store pic of a nice non CO2 foreground that rivals a CO2/high light
tank(the aquascaping is poor but the plants are doing pretty good). 
Hairgrass grows better than many think. E azuera etc. 

> In closing, just pretty surprised by the attitude around here!

I am not a serious person Vic. And certainly not in anyway towards you
here. Again, I apologize. 
Tom Barr
> Vic Di Cosola

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