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[APD] RE: Yet another good reason NOT to use so much light

Thanks for the response Tom....As always you keep me on the straight and
narrow coming back into this hobby after a 5 year break.  

<<"You don't need any more than perhaps 2-2.5 watts to grow any plant
species, if someone wants to claim that a plant needs more I'd like know
which plant.">>

I do have one plant I have proven more light IS better and that is
Glossostigma.  As you know, at the beginning, I had 278w of light for my 55g
tall (24"h) and at that time, I realized (with your help) I had way too much
light with the vast improvements of reflectors vs. 1998 time frames. I did
have incredible horizontal growth, but at the sacrifice of an (almost
bloom.) After we talked, I backed off to 150w and the Glosso would not grow
horizontal as I wanted, it was more vertical.  It did GROW though, just not
to my liking.  IMHO, Glosso needs high light to grow horizontal in my
experience, PLUS large amounts of C02, pH of approx. 6.7 - 6.8, balanced
ferts and somewhat soft water.  You recommendations of ferts to me of KNO3,
etc. demonstrated lusher, greener and FASTER growth. (That's for sure!!) It
do NOT help for the horizontal aspect of this genre though.  Presently, I
have found a balance at 192w, 50% water changed per week, high CO2
concentrations while fertilizing from your advice and all is fine except of
the temp issues. I should be able to alleviate this by raising the fixture a

I've read soooo much on height tank issues vs. lumens reaching the bottom of
the substrate, and it seems in my case the 150w were NOT penetrating the
substrate to induce the horizontal natured growth I desire.  BUT, I do have
INCREDIBLE growth at 150w, just NOT as much horizontal.  I do at 196w, but
YES, at a price. It's now a temp issue.  As always Tom, your points are well
taken.  Take care,

Victor Di Cosola  

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Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 11:19:41 -0500
From: "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
Subject: [APD] Yet another good reason NOT to use so much light
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com

If you use 1.5-2.5w/gal, you don't have nearly the same heating issues. You
use less electric, save on bulb and initial set up cost. You have less algae
issues and dosing upkeep. You have slower and often better growth. There is
less demand on CO2/nuterients over all. You don't need any more than perhaps
2-2.5 watts to grow any plant species, if someone wants to claim that a
plant needs more I'd like know which plant.

More light is not better.

I like the open top design I use for my PC lights, I can clip a fan on the
side to blow across the surface of the water for evaporative cooling.

Some chiller units for a tank this size are available for 160-300$ range
that will pull the temps down 10-25F.

Tom Barr

> Been paying close attention to my water temp latetly.  Since it's 
> winter time here in So. California, I usually do not concern myself 
> with high temps. Lately though, the periodic high winter temps have 
> been creeping up my 55g tall tank temp to 80deg F. in prime time. The 
> house temp is around 70deg. I think my 192w of Coralife lighting are 
> getting things heated up
> a hurry. (No canopy, they just lay atop the tank). I'm very worried 
> about the summer months, especially since my tank is located upstatirs 
> of my two story home. I'm curious what others are doing to combat the 
> high heat issues. I can't imagine crankin' up the A/C to keep the 
> upstairs at 70 deg F. thorughout the summer. My electric bill would 
> put me in the poor house!
> ;) Are many utilizing chillers or just frequent water changes per week?
> Water changes for me would last about a day before the tank temp creeps
> Just curious to what others are doing before the REAL summer months 
> arrive out my way. Thanks,
> Vic Di Cosola

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