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[APD] RE: Gloss must have high light? Or: Are you nuts?

Someone squawked about Gloss being a plant that needs high light. 

Some of the best gloss I've ever seen was with 2.1w/gal of NO FL's lighting
__at 24" depth__, the other tank was 18" and 1.5 w/gal lighting in other
folk's tanks.
I like less lighting for Gloss, it looks better.

I tried this with Quartz lighting, MH's and with FL's/CP's.
I think it looks better over the long term and is certainly easier to

I like enough to make one thick layer without piling up.
Anyone that wants to claim that Gloss is a high light plant should take a
look at SFBAAPS and see Jeff's and Steve's old tanks.
I grew it fine at 2w/gal NO FL's.
I've even had it grow pretty good in a NON CO2 tank. Hairgrass too. 

Tom Barr

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