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[APD] RE: tank at work

> Tom
> You asked me how I could work on this tank at work and still do my job. 
> Answer: In a way, it is my job. How you ask? The ladies in the office
> my boss a ten gallon setup for Christmas. My boss is part owner of the 
> company. He kindly told me he was expecting me to help him with the tank. 

Aha ha! The boss's stooge:) Well every place has one, some places have
several and they all compete, it's a sad site ineed.

> (Read that as set it up for him in his office.) A friend of mine decided
> get out of the Reef hobby and wanted to get rid of his equipment. I saw
> potential for a great tank at work and told my boss about it. He bought
> equipment, I returned the ten gallon setup, I was given almost free reign
> set up the tank as I saw fit at his expense. He originally wanted "Nemo"
> his tank. I told him that was too expensive and convinced him that
> were the second best choice.

I think for folks that like fish and a nice over tank look, AF rift fish
are really tough to beat and they live a long time, hard to kill very
active, colorful etc.

 I have never kept Rift Lake Africans and saw 
> this as a learning opportunity. I now have to contend with office

Surrrrre ya do, "_stooge_":)

> The ladies are happy with plastic plants, orange dyed coral, sunken
> etc. 

Designer plants that match eh?

> this explanation. I wasn't intentionally trying to mislead anyone.

Justifying the the lie, you really are the boss's stooge:)
Well if you are good at it, do it. 
That's what I need, more stooges:)

> Back to plants: I originally asked about algae. You listed Pithophora, 
> Cladophora, Coleochaete, Dicotomosiphon, and Vaucheria as good candidates 
> for establishment in an African Cichlid tank. I checked the 1999 Carolina 
> Biological Supply Company catalog (www.carolina.com) I have at work and 
> found a large list of algae offered for sale. They offered Coleochaete
> Vaucheria in 1999. I cross checked with my copy of Standard Methods for
> Examination of Water and Wastewater, 19th ed. and found a match in the
> of "algae growing on reservoir walls". The genera listed and available
> Carolina are: Draparnaldia, Microspora, Oedogonium, Stigeoclonium,
> and Vaucheria. Other algae available eliminating those that are Diatoms, 
> Taste and Odor Algae, Filter Clogging Algae, Polluted Water Algae and 
> Plankton are: Ankistrodesmus, Characiosiphon, Coleochaete, Cosmarium, 
> Mesotaenium, Platydorina, Selenastrum capricornutam, Botrydiopsis, 
> Botrydium, Ophiocytium, and Tribonema. Could you comment on these algae
> to their suitability for growth in an aquarium and their ability to
> nutrients to the fish.? Will there be any competition between the genera? 
> Are there any to avoid? Cultures cost $5.10 plus postage in 1999. Enough
> 30 students they say.

I think you need to go outside and grab something local, or at least from a
friend's tank etc.

> Concerning transfer of BBA spores between home and work a few questions.
> How would they get transfered if I didn't bring anything from home except 
> myself? Are they in the air?

Yep, but it's not likely for BBA.

> I will bleach(19:1) any plants purchased first.

I'd just not worry about it. 
I've never been able to grow BBA in a harder AF cichlid tank.

> 2. To be sure I understand you correctly concerning my bringing BBA mulm
> work, it sounds like you are saying it is possible to bring the mulm to
> work tank and then treat the work tank with CuSO4. I know the archives
> to this treatment. Is this correct?

I'd just not worry about it. I do not think you'll get it.
If you do, CuSO4 and it's done with.Or turn out the lights for awhile etc.

> Concerning the filter: You mentioned the Peace lilies in the filter. Is
> the plant that is sold in Betta bowls nowadays in the USA? 


> Cryptcorynes substitute? I imagine I would need to build a means to keep
> humidity up while the plant is growing.

Yes ansd yes. Depends on the RH in your area.

> You also mentioned using a RFUG. Did you mean in the filter?

Yes, reverse flow UG filter, see archives on the CPVC/PVC design I talked
about that is cheap and easy to make.
Cost about 8-10$.

 I still haven't 
> settled on a filter design. Any ideas are welcome. The filter is 29 1/2 x
> 1/2 by 11 1/2.

Add a surge 6000 pump, about 45$, 

Tom Barr

> Thanks, Jerry

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