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Re: [APD] Metal Halide lights on timers

The "clunk" is just the relay switching on/off.
Some relays are noisier than others.

Before trying a more expensive timer (i.e., digital) he
might want to be sure both ballasts are operating properly.
It would be a shame to blow out $20 or $30 digital timer.

--- Rob Fowler <aquaria at sarcanthinae_com> wrote:
> I have a 150W HM setup (the Abrite hood and ballast) down
> here in Sydney
> (240V)
> I use a single Dick Smith electronic timer on the 150W +
> 120W of flouros and
> have no trouble at all.
> Have you tried an electronic timer instead of the
> mechanical ones? I have a
> cheap mechanical one on my nightlight
> and it's a pretty rough unit. It makes a huge clunk when
> it turns on or off
> so I would not trust it with any power.

S. Hieber

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