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[APD] RE: Metal Halide lights on timers

Andrew said:
>Has anyone else had a similar problem or have any suggestions?
>The best thing I can think of is to try 3 $5 timers (one on each MH and
>one on the flouros) to see which is causing the problem. But then what?

I wish I knew more about MH power supplies.  I could _not_ find a circuit
diagram on the web.  Try the 3 $5 timers, and see if you can isolate the
problem.  If its one of the MHs, we can always compare the internal parts to
see why the bad one doesn't work.

What is a 2400W overload cutout?  Is it a local circuit breaker (in
Australian speak? :>) ).  I would try to bypass that if you have a circuit
breaker in the fuse box.  No telling what is inside it.

Steve Pituch

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