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Re: [APD] Metal Halide lights on timers

If so, then the solution is better timers or fix the broken
component rather than add more hardware, imo.

Don't want to start a betting pool on what the cause is --
just seems like the old adage ought to apply:

If it's broke, fix it. 

Scott H. 
--- Bill Wichers <billw at waveform_net> wrote:
> >Hmmm, these complications seem like one more strike
> against
> >those beautiful but expensive things called MH lamps.
> >
> >But, they really shouldn't be blowing out timers, should
> >they?
> >
> >Scott H.
> Nope, they shouldn't. I used to run a 400 watt MH fixture
> on a hardware 
> store timer (an inductive load rated intermatic unit) for
> over a year 
> without problems.  The original poster most likely either
> has some 
> defective component somewhere or the timers are extra low
> quality since 
> they shouldn't fail as quick as was stated in the post.

S. Hieber

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