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[APD] Re: Open Top Aquarium

Thanks for all the great info everyone.  I have PC lighting in wooden
enclosures much like the AH supply site.  I was thinking of just hanging
them from the ceiling with chains like you have Steve but now am also
tempted to try to set up acrylic brackets like Tom did.  I think that
would require a rebuild of my enclosures but I don't think the wood and
acrylic would cost too much so I may give it a try.  I live in Michigan
so like many other northerners run an AC and dehumidifier in the summer
and a humidifier in the winter.  I was thinking of running my tank open
when the air is dry in the winter and then cover it when it is already
too humid in the summer.  Kind of take advantage of the extra humidity
when I need it anyway.


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