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Re: [APD] Java fern plantlets

Java fern plantlets and pieces have a tendency to float in
the current and snag just about anywhere you can think of
in the aquarium. Floating on the surface, tethered to an
object by human intervention or by chance, the stuff tends
to grow and spread easily once it gets going.

So long as you keep them wet and lighted and the water has
nutrients, the big ones will gorw littel ones and the
little ones will grow.

Scott H.
--- Kenneth Quinn <mosasaur47 at msn_com> wrote:
> This is my first experience with Java ferns, and I have
> had several leaves 
> (with plantlets on them) break off.  How do I get these
> plantlets started on 
> their own? Is there a size they should be before they are
> detached from the 
> mother leaf?  I understand these plants should be
> attached to a solid 
> object, and have been fastening the adults to driftwood
> or petrified wood; 
> should the plantlets also be attached?

S. Hieber

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