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[APD] Java fern plantlets

This is my first experience with Java ferns, and I have had several leaves 
(with plantlets on them) break off.  How do I get these plantlets started on 
their own? Is there a size they should be before they are detached from the 
mother leaf?  I understand these plants should be attached to a solid 
object, and have been fastening the adults to driftwood or petrified wood; 
should the plantlets also be attached?

Here in New Orleans the water seems exceptionally hard.  Though I have had 
success with aquatic plants when I lived in other areas - especially in the 
soft water of Little Rock - I am having problems here.  Java ferns and 
Cryptociryne ciliata are both doing well, though, and to my surprise a 
Crypt. wendtii also seems to have taken off.

Kenneth Quinn 
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