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[APD] calcium, bone meal, phosphorus & nitrification

Does the presence of calcium or phosphates in interstitial soil water have
an effect upon nitrification of ammonia to nitrate?

Is there a stoichiometric formula for nitrification?

I found the following denitrification formula for Thiobacillus

55S + 20CO2 + 50NO3 + 38H2O + 4NH4(+) -> 4C5H7O2N + 25N2 + 55SO4(2-) +

This illustrates that some bacterial denitrification does not require
organic carbon sources.

I'm sure there are other formulae but I don't have time at the moment to
spend hours surfing to find them all. Perhaps someone else with an interest
would like to assist doing Internet searching for this material.

Background: I'm looking at materials that can be used within the substrate,
especially in clay balls, to provide nitrogen & possibly other nutrients for
aquatic plants.

Steve P

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