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[APD] southeast asian biotype...

I'm still putting together the pieces for the 29 gallon tank I mentioned before, here's a summery of my plan

Livestock:  3 glass cats, 11 harlequin rasboras, 2 yoyo loaches, 5 siamensis algae eaters, and about 20 Neocaridina denticulata (red cherry shrimp).

Filtration:  Eheim 2213 canister

Light: 2 x 55 watt 6700K cf

Substrate:  3" deep Fluorite Red with thin underlayer of Flora Base/peat/mulm

Planed water chemistry:
PH: 6.0-6.5
KH: 3-4 dKH
Temp: 75-78*F

Other:  DIY yeast CO2 generator with a DIY external reactor on the canister's intake.  Flourish comprehensive plant supplement, and possibly Tetra Blackwater extract to soften/acidify and darken the water

OK, so you noticed there are no plants in that summery right?  Well that's because I realized recently that the anubius, bacopa, microsword, and other plants I had originally been attracted to were all from different parts of the world.  On the other hand, I also realized that all the fish I had chosen were from southeast Asia (with the exception of the yoyos, which are quite similar to the endemic zebra loach).  Anyhow, this is the plant selection I'm now contemplating starting with:  Barclaya longifolia and/or Aponogenton crispus as back ground, Hygrophila polysperma for more height and some bushiness, Microsorium pteropus "wendelov" and Java moss all over the rock and driftwood, various Cryptos for filling in everywhere, and Blyxa japonica and Marsilea crenata as my foreground.  That seems like it will fill up a 29 gal pretty well, don't you think?

So you can see I'm at least trying for a S.E. Asian biotype.  This is my first true planted aquarium, and when I do something, I always do it all the way.  So, any thoughts on plant selection and/or fish stock?  


"With great power, Comes great responsibility"

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