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[APD] RE: Amnio acid transport

> From: "Steve Pushak" <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
> Subject: [APD] amino acids, transport by roots?
> To: "APD" <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> Can amino acids be absorbed by roots & transported internally within
> plants?
> Steve P

Yes, I think they can.
I know they can be and are transported for certain.
I think some of it comes in through bulk water flow as the roots take in
water rather than some active transport mechanism.
So it might not help unless it's to get the plant throuhg a tough lean time
or if growth is slow and limiting from another nutrient/light/CO2 etc.

But I might be wrong. Submersed aquatic plants do not have the same type of
pressure potentials emergent plants have but they do have some transport
pressure. (see Ole Peterson research).
I'll get back on you about it. 

Tom Barr

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