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[APD] RE: Water sprite

> Tom:
> There are several species of water sprite, I'm assuming you are referring 
> to Ceratopteris. From what you said it sounds like C. pteroides might be 
> the species of choice. I have noticed in searching for information on
> plants that they are often suggested for soft, acidic to neutral water. 
> Would there be much of a difference between species? BTW, not being 
> familiar with water sprite I got what is locally sold under this name, 
> Hygrophila difformis. For some reason I had never liked it much but now 
> seeing it in the tank I think I'll keep it.
> Phil Bunch

Phil, as far as I'm concerned when folks talk about water sprite in the
aquarium they are talking about 2-3 species in only one genus.
C thalicroides, C. pteroides or C. silaquosa.

Any of these will do fine. 
H difformis is sometimes called Wisteria in the trade but it's never been
called water sprite anywhere I've seen unless the person just is not good
with plants anmd made an honest mistake. 

It's a nice plant but it does do much nicer with CO2.  

Soft acid neutral water my booloo gators. These plants are nothing short of
total weeds. Out of perhaps 300 species of plants, there are only 2
suspected plants I've found that seem to like softer water. So you forget
about those recommendations, I grew the stuff for years before I got into
plants for african rift lake cichlids with hard water. Plants grew,
well.....    like weeds.

Tom Barr      

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