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[APD] Re: hair additive in the substrate

* From: "Ann Viverette" <annv777 at houston_rr.com>
 Does hair ever breakdown? I know I've read about the problems in water
treatment where so much human hair needs to be dealt with, and bits of fur
are always the last to go on roadkill.

I can tell you that cat fur will tend to wind around the impeller shaft. My
cat leaves a trail of fur wafting in the air as he moves and some always
finds its way into the tanks. It is sort of a pain to unwind. If anyone ever
does try this, I hope they mince the hair first. Maybe electric razors would
be a better source than cats or barbershops!

I was thinking it would be a good idea to chop it up a bit with a sharp knife, mix it with topsoil and cover with about a half inch of gravel. That ought to keep it out of impeller shafts, etc.

Hair does indeed breakdown. If it didn't, we would all be up to our ears in hair as well as feathers, which are made of the same protein, keratin. In fact, a good part of the world's available carbon supply would wind up locked in keratin if it didn't breakdown.
Paul Krombholz in suddenly chilly central Mississippi
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