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[APD] Careful if you are in Canada looking to buy plants onlinefrom the U.S.

Hello, just had a bit of a fiasco buying plants online (first time for me).
I've never found a online
plant seller in Canada but found one in the US saying they do ship north of
the border.

Looked like a legit place with good choice, packaging and insurance which I
wanted as I don't
trust any postal service not to mess up on the one time you need it to be on
time ;)

Well sure enough the mail did get delayed, then I found out that I didn't
actually have my plants
insured even though I checked off the perishable insurance on the order form
since you can't
ship plants across the border.  (Never understood this as both Canada and US
fish stores get
plant shipments from Holland, China etc. so what's the difference?)

So the short of it is it looks like 80% of the plants didn't make it on my
large order and I'm out
the money.  To be fair the store was perfectly legit but more of a family
type business and their
web site did not make it clear that there would be no insurance for anything
outside the U.S. as you
could still choose the insurance option when you chose the destination and
the home page talked
about how to make insurance claims.

So be careful where you shop or be lucky with the postal service.
BTW anyone know a good online plant store in Canada? (Big Al's selection is
good but always the same).


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