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[APD] Re: Fleet Enema

1) Chuck mentioned that the Fleet enemas contain 118 ml of solution.
However, I think, if you read the instructions it says the "average dose"
when you squeeze the bottle completely is 118 ml.  The actual amount of
solution however is 133 ml.  When you use the enema "conventionally" some of
the solution remains in the bottle.

2) I have tried every time I use the enema (for the tank)  to count the
number of drops that go into the 1/3 teaspoon.  However,  the applicator is
not designed for counting drops.  It has a very large orifice so all the
solution can be squeezed out quickly.  I have counted between 10 and 25
drops per 1/3 teaspoon.  Therefore I strongly recommend the use of the
measuring spoons as they are  much more accurate.

Jason, go with the 1/3 teaspoon of Fleet twice per week.

Steve Pituch

PS. Honestly, I am not trying to be funny or gross people out.

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