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RE: [APD] RE: Question

Hi Rachel,

> ready to go with some sort of CO2 system - for my 29, I use a 
> Plant-gro CO2 natural system from Hagen - inexpensive, easy 
> to use, and enormously entertaining to watch.

Does the Plant-gro C02 natural system work pretty good?  You 
getting good results from it?  I just got another 20 gallon 
long last night to add to my collections of aquariums (like 
I need anymore! LOL) and I was looking at that but I not 
sure how well it works.  I use DIY and pressurized C02 for 
my other tanks but I've been looking to try the C02 natural 
system out but I've been reading that it isn't as effective 
as a DYI system.

I'm about to put in an order with drsfostersmith.com but I'll
hold off after I get your opinion on the C02 Nat. system.

Anyone else use this thing?


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